2020 5K iMac unboxing | My first iMac is an iMac 2020 i7 5700 XT


Settle down for a 2020 iMac full unboxing. This new 27 inch iMac unboxing sees me with my first iMac, specifically an iMac 2020 i7 5700 XT that we specced in one of the previous videos on the channel. This Apple iMac is a special model because the 2020 iMac is the final Intel iMac, before Apple’s transition to their own Apple Silicon processors. With Apple’s pending switch to Apple Silicon, a lot of Mac users have been wrestling with the question: Should I buy a 2020 iMac? But with this 2020 5K iMac unboxing, it’s quickly clear that this new iMac will fit right in and is sure to last many years into the future. Like the best ‘Unboxing iMac’ videos we look at what’s in the box for a 27 inch iMac 2020 and pull the tab on the top of the box for an almost asmr iMac unboxing experience. When doing the 5K iMac 2020 unboxing we look at the peripherals that we specced when customising the Mac on the Apple website, so can see the unwrapping of the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 in this 5K iMac unboxing. This iMac unboxing and setup process has meant that I need to reconsider the iMac 27 inch desk setup because the 2020 iMac i7 is so big! Doing this 2020 iMac unboxing gives me the chance to give my 2020 iMac first impressions. Although it doesn’t make any difference to the iMac unboxing 2020 process, this is an iMac 5700 XT unboxing, so is a fantastic opportunity to see the last Intel iMac specced as a top of the line iMac. We also discuss the IO configuration on the back of the iMac and the user replace iMac RAM, that has been ordered for a future video coming your way!

Intro: 00:00
The outer box: 00:32
The 5K iMac box: 01:19
Apple stickers, Magic Keyboard & Trackpad: 02:23
Unboxing the iMac itself: 04:20
Unwrapping the iMac: 05:36
iMac three mic array: 06:32
2020 5K iMac user-upgradeable RAM: 06:47
The final Intel iMac design: 07:11
27 inch 2020 iMac IO: 07:37
Apple iMac, one cable startup: 07:53

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タイトル2020 5K iMac unboxing | My first iMac is an iMac 2020 i7 5700 XT
公開日時2020-11-11 03:48:19
動画作者Just Add Technology
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