IMAC 27” 2020 purchase after my IMAC 27” 2011 DIED


IMAC 27” 2020 purchase after my IMAC 27” 2011 DIED. My 2011 27” IMAC had a long life but it finally died. I purchased the new 27” IMAC released in August 2020. This is a great IMAC. Some people are waiting for the non intel version of Apple’s IMAC. That’s great, but to me, it doesn’t matter. I need a computer NOW for video and audio production work. I’ve never been one to jump on the newest tech. I like to keep equipment around for as long as I can as long as it goes a great job. Although I will miss my 2011 IMAC, I won’t miss its 512MB graphics card. Believe it or not I was able to do many great video edits and large projects in Final Cut Pro X with that 0.5GB video card.

A video card does most of the work in video editing and animation, along with gaming. It is recommended you get a 4GB video card minimum. I have lasted long enough. This new IMAC 27” for 2020 has an 8GB video card. My video rendering times will be much faster.

I will be upgrading to 32GB RAM instead of the 8GB ram that came with this 27” IMAC 2020.

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タイトルIMAC 27” 2020 purchase after my IMAC 27” 2011 DIED
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